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Note added 06/02/17 Windows JAFROC has been replaced by RJafroc; Book online component can be downloaded; link to ExpertCAD website; recommendation against using FROC curve to measure performance

Note added 04/24/15: RJafroc, an open-source, cross-platform and enhanced R implementation of JAFROC, has been uploaded to CRAN repository.

Note added 08/07/14: Windows Version 4.2.1 has been uploaded.

Note added 06/10/13: Windows Version 4.2 has been uploaded.

Note added 02/15/12: The MAC Version of JAFROC works, at least to the best of my knowledge. Please let me know if you discover any bugs.

Note added 1/24/12: The new software has an undocumented feature of allowing ROI analysis. An example data file for ROI analysis is provided. It applies to a fictitious study with 4 regions per image (ROIs). If you look at FP sheet, each normal image has 4 entries and each abnormal image has 2 entries; the other 2 appear in the TP sheet, because in this example every abnormal case has two lesions. Basically I calculate the ROI figure of merit using Obuchowski's definition and apply DBM significance testing to get the p-value. This is not Obuchowski's implementation. I expect it to work in the same spirit as the Rutter bootstrap implementation (Rutter, C.M., Bootstrap estimation of diagnostic accuracy with patient-clustered data. Acad. Radiol., 2000. 7(6): p. 413-9.) and the belief that the DBM method applies to any scalar figure of merit.

Note added 9/13/11: FAQ: A MAC Version of JAFROC has been uploaded, version 4.1.

Note added 9/8/11: FAQ: A new Windows version of JAFROC has been uploaded, version 4.1.

Note added 7/18/11: FAQ: "I just tried to download your latest JAFROC software. Unfortunately when I try to actually run the program I receive the error of:- failed to start as mfc100.dll not found."

Answer: The Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package needs to be installed. The directions are in the readme file.

The software is available at

Note added 2/7/11: The JAFROC development kit only works with the windows version. If users need it for the Mac, we will consider implementing it.

Broadcase message sent 2/4/2011: A version of JAFROC that will run on the Mac has been posted to the website. The excel input file must be in .xlsx format (not .xls), i.e., created by Office 2007 or later. Alternatively, you can use the text input format. The readme file for windows still applies, excepting, of course, the parts, e.g., installation, that are unique to Windows. I am assuming Mac users are quite familiar with installing programs on a Mac. The data fle must not be in the Applications folder - othewise there will be an error when you attempt to save the output file. So copy the sample datafile somewhere else before running. Your comments are welcome.

Broadcase message sent 2/2/2011: At the request of an user, the capability to read the older text input file format has been restored. See below for a link to the text file format.

Another user reported a bug that if there are more than 65535 rows in the Excel FP sheet, then the program reads only the first 65535 rows. To avoid this problem use the text input file format for very large data sets that cross the 64K limit.

A "FAQs" section has been added to the website to document questions that I get from users. I welcome your suggestions on topics to cover.

Most recent update (2/2/2011): The capability to read the text input file format has been restored.

Software update (1/24/2011): A user-identified bug that caused the program to crash has been fixed.

Software update (1/11/2011): Release of JAFROC 4.0. This is a Windows application that combines previous software and new features in one package. You don't need to download IDL Virtual machine any longer! Using your C++ skills you can perform custom analysis by calling various DLLs within the application.

Before you can run JAFROC 4.0 you must install “Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package (x86)”. It is available at

Read Me Files: The files "JAFROC_V4_ReadMe_1_18_11.pdf" and "JAFROC Development Kit Guide.pdf" are installed by Setup.msi.

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