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RJafroc is replacing Windows JAFROC

An R package RJafroc is available. It is an enhanced, free, open-source, cross-platform implementation of existing JAFROC Windows software. The enhancements are described in the upcoming book on observer performance. Since it runs on any platform, it makes more sense to focus on this and discontinue updating the Windows version.

The package reads data in all currently used data formats including Excel; it even outputs the results of significance testing in Excel format. Significance testing uses two methods in widespread use, a jackknife pseudo-value based method and an analysis of variance method with correlated errors. Included are tools for (1) calculating a variety of free-response figures of merit; (2) sample size estimation for planning a future study ROC or FROC study based on pilot data; (3) viewing empirical operating characteristics in receiver operating characteristic and free-response paradigms; (4) producing formatted report files; (5) saving a data file in appropriate format for analysis with alternate software; (6) comparing CAD to a group of radiologists interpreting the same cases; (7) fitting the radiological search model (RSM) and the contaminated binormal model (CBM) to ROC data; (8) extracting measures of search and lesion-classification performances, highly useful measures unknown in the ROC world; etc.

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