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  1. What is the recommended figure of merit for analzing FROC data?

  2. What is a raw FROC curve? Why is it useful? Why is it not useful?

  3. I have tried to calculate the trapezoidal area underneath the AFROC curve myself by calculating the trapezoidal area underneath the search model fitted points outputted in the document AFROC_PLOTS.xls when extended to (1.0,1.0), however the values are not the same as those given in the output from the JAFROC software. Is the FOM calculated using the trapezoidal area underneath the operating points or the search modal fitted points or using some other method?

  4. How are reader-averaged curves generated?

  5. Since the FOM is related to the area under the AFROC curve I was going to display AFROC curves in any published data, however I have noticed often FROC curves are displayed, which would you suggest displaying AFROC or FROC curves?

  6. The old version of the software gave an error if the maximum FPF of an observer/modality pair was less than 0.1. The new version does not give this error; if an observer does have a maximum FPF of less than 0.1 should his/her data be included in the analysis?

  7. A question regarding the value of of the JAFROC figure of merit.

  8. What is the current version of Windows JAFROC?

  9. Why the recommendation against using the FROC curve as a figure of merit?


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